Charlotte Crosby raves about DIY ‘semi-permanent’ lashes – but do they really work?

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As many of us eagerly await our next eyelash appointment, Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby reckons she's found the next best thing, with a clever at-home lash treatment that she claims gives salon-worthy semi-permanent results.

Jumping on her Instagram stories, Charlotte, 30, reveals that she’ll be using Lashify’s range of false lashes for her Valentine’s date night, after friend and fellow Geordie star Holly Hagan recommended the brand to her.

“Holly told me about a brand called Lashify,” she says, “you do them yourself and apparently it’s really easy. They’re like semi-permanent lashes that last 7-10 days, so I’m going to give them a try.”

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“Look how cool they look, literally like semi-permanents you can do yourself.”

Charlotte shared a snap of Lashify’s Fluffy FX Gossamer® lash, which are £20 here.

However before you can apply them, you do need to fork out for the starter kit, which is £112, here – not the cheapest product.

So how do Lashify lashes work, do they really last and are they actually worth the cash? OK! Beauty director Lynne Hyland tested them to find out…

Lynne says

“Full disclosure: I’m not good with fiddly beauty. So when the Lashify starter kit turned up, I must confess my heart sank.

There were two different pods with wispy hairs poking out, two applicator tubes and some sort of crazy-shaped tweezer. I felt exhausted just looking at it.

Luckily there are some helpful videos on the Lashify website, and I’d strongly recommend watching them properly first rather than just winging it.

Lashify is quite different to the usual technique of applying false lashes, because the lashes are attached to the underside of your own lashes, rather than being stuck on top. The lashes also come in clusters, rather than one long strip lash.

First, there’s a double-ended mascara-like product to prep the underside of your lashes so the “gossamers” (aka lash clusters) will stick to them.

I began by brushing the black bonding solution onto my lashes, then dotted the second clear product onto the lash roots. I did poke it in my eye on the first go, and feared this kit really wasn’t for me.

However, the actual lash application was remarkably easy. I just picked up a cluster with the tweezers, manoeuvred it onto the underside of my lashes and – presto – it didn’t fall off.

I then added another three clusters, working towards the inner corner of my eye. It wasn’t anything like as fiddly as I’d expected.

Perhaps the trickiest bit is what comes next: the so-called fusing. The strange-looking tweezers aren’t just for applying the lashes, they’re also for setting them in place.

You have to sandwich your false and real lashes between them, rather like you do with eyelash curlers, and squeeze.

Perhaps my face shape is strange, but I found my cheekbones kept getting in the way when I was trying to fuse the lashes. Eventually, I saved myself a lot of arm ache when I realised I could “fuse” in small sections rather than try to clamp the whole lashline in one go.

The final step was to apply a sealant on my lashes to make them waterproof and hopefully keep them in place for longer.

The finished effect was undeniably impressive. Because the lashes are attached from underneath, the join is near-invisible and they look far more like salon extensions than regular stick-on falsies.

I loved how fluffy and glamorous the lashes looked, and how there’s a range of different lengths and effects to choose from.

They’re also completely weightless. I was half-expecting them to scratch my eyeballs but I honestly couldn’t feel I was wearing them.

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Some people get up to ten days' wear from Lashify, and although I did lose a wisp after day three, I quickly stuck it back in place.

In total, I got a good five days from my first go at Lashify and I was absolutely thrilled. It was amazing to wake up looking a bit “done” and I loved the eye-opening, lifting effect.

The starter kit is an investment but if you love the look of salon lashes, I think it’s really worth the splurge. Honestly, if I can manage to use it, anyone can.”

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