Celebrity make-up artist reveals how to cut cost of your beauty regime

How to save money on your beauty routine: Celebrity make-up artist reveals her hacks amid the cost of living crisis – from using coconut oil to remove make-up to making your own body scrub

  • Celebrity make-up artist Edy London has revealed the easy ways to save money
  • Expert, who’s worked with the likes of Trinny Woodall, Ellie Goulding and Mel B advises not falling into the trap of buying anything endorsed by influencers
  • Added using a muslin cloth and applying make-up with a brush can save money 

A celebrity make-up artist has revealed the ways to cut your beauty budget and still look gorgeous as the cost of living crisis continues to see Brits feel the squeeze.

The Government is under growing pressure to act after it was announced this week that inflation had hit nine per cent – the highest rate for 40 years.

The Bank of England’s chief economist warned that high inflation could last well into next year as disruption to energy and food supplies continue to push up prices. But there is widespread division among ministers on how to address the issue.

But it’s not just food and bills affected, in October, Unilever warned about looming inflation for beauty products, saying the price of resin plastics, paper, transport, labour, energy and ingredients were rising.

Speaking to FEMAIL, celebrity make-up artist Edy London, who is originally from Poland and now lives in London,  revealed you can cut the price of your beauty regime with a few simple tricks.

The expert, who’s worked with the likes of Trinny Woodall,  Ellie Goulding and Mel B said advised avoiding buying anything endorsed by influencers and not to splash out on big names and instead tailor your skincare regime to you.

A celebrity make-up artist has revealed the ways to cut your beauty budget and still look gorgeous as the cost of living crisis continues to see Brits feel the squeeze. Stock image is pictured


Edy says: ‘Use coconut oil as a natural make up remover to save money.

‘Coconut oil is a popular very moisturising oil that is very gentle on the skin, takes off even waterproof make up.  

‘You can also use it as a moisturiser on your body, it’s cheaper and better than majority of the expensive skincare brands.’


Edy added: ‘When your gel manicure grows out, paint it over with a matching nail polish. 

‘It gets me going for an extra week. 

Edy London, who is originally from Poland and now lives in London, an eyelash extension specialist beloved by the likes of style guru Trinny Woodall, Love Island ‘s Arabella Chi and singer Ellie Goulding


‘Using a muslin cloth (which can cost as little as £1)  to remove your make-up is another good way to save money long term, and it’s much better for the environment.

‘One of my big savings was switching into a make up that contains UVA and UVB, so you don’t have to buy two separate products.

‘For me, Heliocare Color Gel (£22) works perfect! 

‘It protects my skin all day long as it contains factor 50, it is tinted and relatively covering for a UV protection cosmetic. I apply small amount with Edy London Buffing brush #7. 

‘It is a great product for layering lightly so you don’t have too much on. You can of course build up for heavier coverage.


Rather than buying lots of different products, invest in 

Edy adds: ‘Using cream blush as a lip tint and the other way round’

‘Mix a clear gloss with any shade lipstick to create different colour glosses.

‘Also, so easy to mix and match products – cream blush as lip tint, bronzer as eyeshadow, eyeshadow to fill in brows’


‘Make up brushes are great when you want your make up look professional and when you want your product last long.

‘Fist of all its a wonderful tool for application and secondly the make up last longer, and you saving a lot of product – good brushes pick up the perfect amount of product so you don’t end up wasting any.

‘In fact they will help you use your make up to the last bit, especially lipsticks, eyeshadow and powders – they will reach the unreachable deepest parts of your make up pot! You will be surprised on how much you are saving!

‘The most obvious one is a lipstick brush! You will find yourself touching up less and the lipstick stays longer when applied with the brush! 

Edy recommends using the Heliocare Color Gel as an ‘all in one’

‘You will also make sure you will make most of the product by getting it out with a brush to the last bit!

‘Also keeping old mascara brush to use as a brow brush and to run through lashes after applying mascara to remove clumps and to help separate lashes.


‘Use home made body scrub to save money.

‘My favourite one is a coffee scrub. As I love the smell and texture.

‘All you need is 1/2 cup coffee grounds, to tablespoons if hot water and one table spoon  coconut oil, warmed’

‘A really good natural lip scrub is brown sugar, olive oil, and peppermint  essential oil to plump up the lips’


Edy says: ‘A lot of people waste their money on skincare that isn’t suitable to their skin type. 

‘Most of us see a paid ad posted by an influencers and unfortunately fall into a trap of being easy target’.

Instead, Edy suggests making sure the skincare is right for you.  

‘A good skincare regime is the key! Once you have your regime tailored to your skin type, you won’t be looking around for new products.


‘Subscription programs are always great, you get news letters with discount codes.

‘Needless to say Black Friday is one of the best time for shopping. 

‘This includes beauty salons selling their services in packages often heavily discounted, especially now that salon are back in the business after suffering in lockdown they are craving for business selling treatments in bulks!

‘If you have an access to dermatologist or facialist, discuss your concerns, they will be help you with products to add to your beauty regime. 

‘The consultation may cost you money initially, but you will be saving money long term if you stick to products that you need! 

‘It definitely helped me to stick to my budget.  

‘It’s important to have a good skincare regime tailored specifically to you – everyone had a different skin type. So what ever works for me, doesn’t mean it works for you’. 


Edy also advised that getting samples – which are often free – before you buy is a great way to see if a product is worth it.

‘If you can’t consult it with dermatologist or a facialist, at least get a sample of a product you are interested and test it out before you buy it.

‘Working in a beauty industry I speak with  women a lot, a majority of them confess that they own a pile of products in the bathroom that they don’t use – seemed like a good idea at the time to buy it.


‘For me I love primers, especially the ones for pores and oily skin (I only use it in the T zone.

‘Make-up forever setting spray (£22) is great! 

‘I think setting sprays are great if your skin feels dry or tight. I also like them to spray onto a beauty blender for a sheer base.

‘For me to make my make up last longer: definitely primer, and then I have to retouch with my Laura Mercier translucent pressed powder throughout the day for my T-zone (as I get oily).

‘For heavier eye make up – eye primers keep it all in place for me!

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