Cat Named Pretty Kitty Is Always Sticking Out Her Perfect Pink Tongue Due to Jaw Deformity

Like an emoji come to life, Pretty Kitty of Arlington, Virginia, is always sticking out her tongue.

The cat’s sassy permanent pose is due to a jaw deformity that the feline was born with. According to the Daily Mail, Pretty Kitty’s jaw formed in such a way that the cat can only open her mouth a small amount, which prevents her from keeping her tongue inside her mouth.

As Pretty Kitty gets older her tongue has only become more pronounced as it grows along with the cat. While it’s hard not to notice Pretty Kitty’s tongue, the exposed body part doesn’t get in the pet’s way too much.

“Every vet we have brought her to says there is no need to try and fix her jaw because she lives a very healthy life,” Pretty Kitty’s owner, Clare Meyer, said.

Meyer added that the only real side effect that comes from an uncontained tongue is a messy dinner table.

“She is the world’s messiest eater due to her jaw deformity, she gets food all over the wall and floor surrounding her bowl,” the owner said, adding that her cat eats mostly wet food because it’s easier for her to consume.

Along with having a goofy-sweet face that always makes her owner laugh, Pretty Kitty is also very affectionate and playful.

“I actually don’t know what I would do without her, her tongue never ever gets old to us, and she makes us laugh every day,” Meyer said.

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