Casper star Devon Sawa now – from 90s movie icon to complete career change

Devon Sawa became well-known in the 90s for his roles in the films Casper and Now and Then. He's made quite the transformation since, and he's also had a complete career change.

Here, we take a closer look at the Canadian's life, time on screen and what he's up to now…

Through Casper and Now and Then, Devon became a very well-known actor. He started his career as a teen after he joined a theatre group, working in commercials and Indie Canadian films.

When he landed his role in Casper, he became a teen heartthrob, playing the role of a physical, human form of a ghost.

Later, he starred in the film Now and Then, a coming-of-age story that saw him play a character that tormented the four main girls in the flick.

The fed-up girls eventually take the boys clothes when they skinny dip near their home as a prank. Devon had to run out of the water and viewers caught a glimpse of his bottom.

Christina Ricci had recommended Devon for a role in Now and Then alongside her after working on Casper with him for less than a week, seeing his talent. His role in the film saw him become one of the most memorable 1990s teen heartthrobs.

Devon walked away from teen film fame after his success as it was overwhelming. He was chased down by a group of fans in London and wanted to do everything he could to get out of it.

He added: "It was just my age, I think. I didn’t want to be the pretty boy or whatever they were calling me. I didn’t want to talk about my favourite food or where my first kiss was, you know? My most romantic song. These things weren’t interesting to me."

Devon chose to audition for different acting roles away from teen films and also took a year off acting before coming back to the spotlight.

Devon later starred in SLC Punk!, Idle Hands and an Eminem music video for Stan. He also starred in Final Destination and pursued other roles in low-budget horror films. He struggled with his mental health and eventually left acting for a while.


Returning to Canada at 25, Devon went to work in Real Estate for a while and was a landlord.

He went to Southeast Asia with his wife Dawni Sahanovitch. He eventually returned to acting again but decided that had to be roles he would be passionate about.

Return to the screen

Five years into an acting hiatus, he starred in Mark Wahlberg's film Max Payne and was also in shows like The CW's Nikita and Somewhere Between on ABC.

In 2019, he starred in The Fanatic alongside John Travolta and although he was recommended for the part by John, he begged and pleaded with the producers to be cast.

Devon is married toDawni Sahanovitch, and they have Hudson, born in 2014; and Scarlett, born in 2016, together.

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