Capricorn August horoscope: Whats in store for Capricorn this month?

Astrology: Expert explains what your star sign means about you

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Capricorns are the sensible, hardworking sign of the zodiac and they rarely get overly emotional about things that aren’t serious. However, this month the sign will need to think less about work and more about their happiness, dreams and relationships. chatted to astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer and founder of the Moon Child Sorority, Bex Milford (@cosmic_cures on Instagram) to find out the Capricorn August horoscope for 2021.

You may feel a bit reflective and even brooding as the month begins, Capricorn.

Bex explained: “The Sun in your eighth house causes you to connect to the inner workings of your psyche.

“This sounds intense, but all it means is that you have a longing to switch up the status quo a little.

“Whether it’s a nagging sensation at the back of your mind, or a full-blown yearning to switch things up, then some form of transformation is ready to take place.”

Spend time during the New Moon in Leo on August 8 in meditation, or simply engaging in some journaling in order to connect you to the deep, often unheeded messages from your soul.

Bex asked: “What does your intuition tell you needs to be restructured? What has come to a natural conclusion and what fresh journey are you being invited to tread?

“Using the courageous and confident energy of the Leo Moon, imagine the next step in your evolution if you had no fear of judgement.

“Then set powerful intentions that will help you show up authentically and with an open heart.”

When Venus enters Libra on August 16, your relationship ambitions are being thrown into the spotlight and you naturally begin to consider what you aspire to within your love life.

Bex said: “Anything that has seemed out of balance – whether it’s with a partner or regarding the relationship you have with yourself – will come to the forefront.

“For example, if you really want to fall in love but are blocking yourself off from being vulnerable, it will become obvious this needs to be worked on.

“If you want more attention and connection within an existing relationship but are spending a disproportionate amount of time at work or with other friends and not giving the love you hope to receive, then this will need to be addressed.

“However, the good thing is that Venus is at home in Libra and generally allows our relationships to run smoothly.

“Issues that arise can be treated with diplomacy and fairness in order to usher in a new period of harmony, so don’t turn your back on signs during this transit.”

If issues of self-worth do rear their heads, then the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 22 is the ideal time to tackle them.

Full Moons are a chance to shed limiting beliefs and notice where we restrict our own progress due to outdated or untrue stories we’ve allowed to take hold.

With this Full Moon taking place in your second house, it is inviting you to look at events in the past that have made you feel small, unworthy and self-conscious.

Bex warned: “Remind yourself that the past does not equal the future – in fact, it is no reflection on the person you choose to be now.

“Sure, you can learn from things, but this isn’t the same as holding on to them and allowing the negative frequency to drag you down.

“On this Moon, work on creating supportive affirmations that remind you of all the reasons you deserve happiness, love and abundance.

“When the Sun moves into Virgo later this day then it signals four weeks of being encouraged to broaden your horizons and embrace your spiritual side, so approaching this from a place of self-belief and confidence will spell success for the future.”

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