Britain to roast in 22C heat before stormy bank holiday weekend

Britain is set for glorious sunshine and 22C heat this week – along with thundery showers at times – heading into a stormy spring bank holiday weekend.

There will be long spells of sunshine in many places but forecasters have warned that thunderstorms will sweep in on Tuesday and there will be outbreaks of heavy rain into the weekend.

Temperatures will soar into the low 20s in the south and the mid teens in the north, with similar conditions expected through the week until longer spells of rain over the bank holiday weekend.

Some forecasters are predicting a sweltering summer with a warmer than average June kicking things off.

Tuesday began with low cloud and fog along North Sea coasts, and temperatures ranging between zero degrees in Katesbridge, Co Down, and 11C in central London.

The Met Office is predicting warm sunny spells for much of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, with isolated showers.

Scotland is set for heavier and potentially thundery showers.

Flood alerts have been issued for Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City, Dundee and Angus, Findhorn Nairn Moray and Speyside, and Tayside.

The UV index will be high across much of the UK, and pollen levels will be medium or low.

The evening will be mostly dry and chilly with isolated fog patches developing overnight.

Wednesday will bring further spells of sunshine and warmth with temperatures expected to hit 22C again in the south.

However it will be cooler, cloudier and breezy in northern Scotland with some rain.

The west will see outbreaks of rain on Thursday as it remains drier and brighter elsewhere.

Scattered showers are also expected on Friday and Saturday as the bank holiday weekend gets under way.

It will feel warm in any sunshine, with temperatures expected to hit 22C.

However, the Met Office has warned that the weekend could come to a stormy close with longer spells of rain on Sunday and Monday, and strong winds at times.

Some forecasters are predicting a sweltering summer with warmer than average temperatures in June.

In its extended forecast, the Met Office said the first few weeks of next month could bring cooler, showery spells as Atlantic weather systems arrive from the west.

Temperatures are forecast to be close to normal for the time of year for the first half of June, it said.

Met Office five-day weather forecast


Low cloud and fog along North Sea coasts mostly clearing.

Warm sunny spells for much of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, with isolated showers.

Heavier, potentially thundery, showers for central and southern Scotland and more persistent rain across northeast Scotland.

Tuesday night

A dry and chilly night for much of the country with some long clear spells, leading to isolated fog patches by dawn.

Cloudy across northern Scotland with patchy rain.


Dry with some good sunny spells for many, although cloudy across northern England for a time.

Warm in the sunshine.

Cool, cloudy, and breezy with some rain across northern Scotland.

Thursday to Saturday

Outbreaks of rain in the west on Thursday.

Drier and brighter elsewhere.

Scattered showers on Friday and Saturday, but longer spells of rain in the west.

Warm in any sunshine.

Stormy end to bank holiday weekend

The Met Office is predicting a stormy end to the bank holiday weekend.

Here is its outlook for Saturday 25 May to Monday 3 June: "On Saturday, much of the UK may well start dry, until rain reaches western areas later in the day.

"Showers or perhaps longer spells of rain are likely on Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday in some areas, along with some stronger winds at times.

"However, most areas will see dry and fine weather for part of the weekend.

"Temperatures are likely to be a little below average for the time of year. The changeable and rather cool weather is likely to continue through the half term week.

"There will be showers or longer spells of rain at times, including the odd heavy or thundery shower.

"However, there will be some dry and bright spells too."

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