Bride asks men to 'go' in the bushes for backyard wedding to save flushes

We’ve seen people go to lots of different measures to save costs on a wedding, like combining it with another expensive occasion (i.e funeral), limiting the number of guests, getting the florist to do the job for free, and opting for homemade rings.

But, er, we haven’t seen anyone trying to save on flushes.

One bride-to-be from the U.S decided that she wanted a backyard wedding but that meant a lack of toilet facilities for the guests.

With only two bathrooms in the home, she wondered whether the male guests could just ‘do their business’ in the garden.

She even asked whether it would be cute to have a sign telling men to ‘tinkle outside’.

People, of course, said it would not. Posting on a wedding shaming group on Facebook, the bride was roasted for her suggestion.

The poster was met with a flurry of comments knocking the bad idea.

She wrote: ”Okay this is probably a weird question but here it goes lol! So our wedding is going to be in our yard, we have a gate that goes to the backyard, as you can see in the pictures.

‘We have two guest bathrooms and we plan on having close to but less than 100 guests. Now that’s a lot of people using the restroom right?

‘So my question is, would it be weird if I did some sort of cute nicely written sign that says “men do your business outside” and pointing towards the backyard?

‘I’m just tryna save some flushes! Ladies and children of course inside but guys can tinkle outside, or is that too rude lol?’

People said the idea was ‘gross’ and would mean guys have to publicly get their junk out.

One person wrote: ‘So you’ll have gents flopping their doodles out all over your lawn? That’s one for the photo album.’

While another said: ‘Gross, my kids are all over every tree in our yard when they play, I can’t imagine how nasty that would be with people peeing on them all night.’

One person joked: ‘It’s all fun and games until mad Uncle Bert takes a dump in the middle of the lawn!’

Some people said a portable loo would be much better than allowing a stinky pee zone right by the area the bride and groom would be saying I do.

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