Boyfriend says Kylie Jenner is his dream woman and it has knocked my confidence

DEAR DEIDRE: LAST night my boyfriend was trying to reassure me I’m not ugly – but admitted he finds other women more beautiful than me.

I am 19 and he’s 20. After quizzing him on who he thinks is gorgeous, he then revealed Kylie Jenner is his “dream woman”.

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I know he wasn’t being nasty but his words have left me feeling unattractive.

He should think I am the most beautiful, otherwise what is he doing with me?

DEIDRE SAYS: Looking at another person and recognising that they are good-looking does not mean you don’t find your own partner attractive.

I’m sure you are able to look at Tom Hardy and see he’s good-looking without it detracting from how you feel about your boyfriend.

In reality, people are attracted to one another because of personality and chemistry – not just physical appearance.

I am sending you my support pack on self-esteem to help.

Try to concentrate on your own relationship, or you could inadvertently push your boyfriend away.

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