Body positive babe goes topless to normalise bodies of all shapes and sizes

A body positive babe went topless in a bid to "normalise bodies" of all shapes and sizes.

Blogger Mik Zazon is known for opening up about body image, and working to "normalise" women's bodies by sharing her story with her over 990,000 Instagram followers.

In a recent post, she went completely topless to show what women really look like underneath their clothes.

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Mik often talks about body image on social media, and opens up a lot about her own experiences of living with an eating disorder.

Just a few days ago she wrote about how a "voice in her head would not shut up" about how she was gaining weight, which led her to constantly worrying about what she ate and how she worked out.

"Usually when I hear this voice, (I call it 'ED') it sounds like it’s being muffled by the present me," she wrote on Instagram.

"Which knows the difference between healthy and unhealthy thoughts.

"As my body has shifted and become smaller, like I was in the past when I had an eating disorder, I haven’t been able to muffle it.

"Because ED and I look so… similar. Despite me not intentionally losing weight.

"I’ve always been taught to put a name and face to trauma so it’s easier to see it as something separate from myself.

"But it occurred to me last week during therapy that while the voice isn’t present me, it’s me at a much much younger age before ED came into the picture.

"And this was truly a huge revelation."

She said she's since learnt how to "silence" the noise of diet culture, as it's not a part of her.

Instead she's trying to focus on nurturing her body, and loving her body, and she's looking forward to progressing with this positive approach.

Since she opened up about her experiences, she also posted a snap of herself topless.

Social media users saw her pose wearing nothing other than her knickers, while covering her breasts with her arms.

In the images she looks natural, relaxed and people are able to see her real body – with all the lumps and bumps proudly on show.

She captioned the snap: "Everyone’s recovery journey is different and will look different" to show that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Mik also included a note on the image, which read: "Recovery is not solely about gaining weight.

"It is about giving yourself the tools to understand that no matter what your body looks like, you are deserving of unconditional love."

More than 21,000 people have liked the snap since she shared it, and people have thanked Mik for being so open about body image.

One person said: "I couldn't agree more."

Another commented: "Thank you for posting your journey. It makes me not feel so lonely."

Meanwhile, a third added: "So much love for you."


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