Blossom Hill launches GIN FIZZ in lemon and rhubarb flavours

Blossom Hill is best known for its bottles of wine.

But now, the brand is branching out by launching gin fizz.

The tipple is a tasty blend of white wine, fruity flavours and the juniper-based spirit.

Here’s everything you need to know about the product.

Blossom Hill’s Gin Fizz comes in two flavours – Rhubarb and Lemon with Raspberry.

The former is a sparkling mix of crisp grapes and rhubarb infused water.

Meanwhile, the latter is white wine and zesty fruits.

The 75cl bottles have a RRP of £9, making them slightly pricier than your average Blossom Hill offering.

Currently, shoppers can pick them up at Asda, Morrisons, Co-op, Booker, Booker Retail Partners and Nisa.

While the plonk first launched in March, pictures of it have been circulating online this week.

When a video of the Gin Fizz was posted on the Money Saver Online Facebook group, customers were pretty excited.

One responder wrote: “I need this.”

Another said: “This could be my drink.”

A third added: “This sounds so nice.”

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