Bloke orders nothing burger from McDonalds and cracks up when it arrives

A bloke ordered a 'nothing burger' from McDonald's – and was left in stitches when it was delivered.

The fast food restaurant is much loved eatery among many people globally thanks to classic menu items like the Big Mac.

But thanks to technology, getting your burger fix is easier than ever as you can order via delivery apps from the comfort of your own home.

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And even better – you can customise your order however you like.

Culling the likes of gherkins on your patty can be done with a click of button without having to faff around peeling the contents off yourself.

However, Ron DeBleyker decided not to only rid of the controversial pickles, he decided to remove every single item of the burger – or a 'nothing burger'.

The McDonald's fan, from the US, took to Twitter to share what he ordered.

He paid $1.89 (£1.56) for a cheeseburger where he personalised it as much as possible.

This meant the bite had no mustard, no ketchup, no diced onions, no pickle, no American cheese, no meat, no regular bun, and no salt.

"OK let's try this again, ordering a nothing burger from McDonald's", he wrote on the now viral post.

"This time nothing else was in the order. Will they cancel it? Deliver an empty bag? I am doing this so you don't have to."

After ordering his unique 'nothing burger' from DoorDash, Rob was left chuckling as he received a text from the delivery driver where they claimed McDonald's was "confused as to what you want on your order".

Rob shared that he didn't message the driver and instead waited for the order to be delivered – and it seems the surprise was worth it.

Hilariously, the nothing burger turned out to be, well, a nothing.


Having gone through the trouble of dealing with the odd order, Rob kindly tipped his courier $6 (£5).

Along with the delivery fees and price of the burger, Rob ended up paying $15 (£12) for his 'meal'.

"I also literally saved a cow's life by ordering a McNothing instead of a burger", he chuckled.

Equally left in stitches at the 'nothing burger', many people fled to the comments to poke fun at the situation.

One person commented: "Oh my god they delivered a nothing burger."

Another user added: "The customer is always right."

While a third giggled: "I'm cracking up."

Although, not everyone found it so funny.

This user jibed: "You made a worker waste time of their day.

"No it doesn't matter they got paid regardless cause you still made cause a waste of time, energy and resources."

Daily Star has contacted McDonald's for comment.


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