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ONE OF the best ways of saving cash is to buy a smaller car with roof rails.

These factory-fitted bar run from front to back and enable roof racks and roof boxes to be fitted, at times when the internal cabin storage isn’t enough.

Of course, you can just buy a bigger car, but unless you’re regularly piling plenty of people and possessions into the back, you’re wasting fuel running around in something that for some 80% of the time is completely empty.

This is where roof racks come into their own.

Do roof racks fit all cars?

By and large, most roof racks will fit all vehicles, about 98%.

There are some exceptions, where rain gutters are present.

In this instance, you need to shop for a rain gutter mounted rack, and make adjustments to the height and bar width.

Do I need crossbars for a roof rack?

Yes, no roof box or bike mount will fit directly to the factory fitted roof bars, so you’ll have to get roof racks. These lie perpendicular to your roof rails and secure on with locking mechanisms.

Can you put roof racks on a car with a sunroof?

You can.
There’s usually enough clearance.

Depending on how the access to the sunroof works i.e. it slides back, having such access can help in securing the load, particularly if you’re tying it on with ropes.

Using a mix of expert reviews, industry tests and user feedback, below is a list of the best roof racks you can buy in 2019.

1. Maypole RB1045 Aluminium Aero Roof Bar

  • £42.89 from Amazon- buy here

These incredibly affordable Maypole RB1045 aluminium aero roof bars are reputedly a “cracking piece of kit”.

Have good build quality and a good price point.

At just under 3.5kgs, they won’t add loads of weight to the car, meaning fuel efficiency won’t be as detrimentally affected.

This roof rack isn’t suitable for every model of car, so you have to refer to their fitment list to check whether your own vehicle’s roof rails will support.

The highlight of the Maypole racks is the lack of wind noise. Bear in mind, that price is for one bar, not the pair.

2. Thule Roof Bars – Wing Bar Edge 9595

  • £244 from Halfords- buy here

Thule is a brand heavily associated with transporting sporty roof-bearing loads. Whether bikes, roof boxes or roof racks, Thule’s reputation for quality, durability and user friendliness is second-to-none.

That’s why you pay so much. Provided you look after them, these racks can last a lifetime.

The Wing Bar Edge 9595s has a slim, stylish and most importantly, universal fit, since they have adjustable feet.

Aeroplane tech has been used to minimise sound and fuel consumption and they’ve also been crash-tested to 75 kg, in the event of a collision.

Plug, play and you’re ready to go!

3. Halfords Integrated Rail Steel Roof Bars – Set i1

    • £80 from Halfords- buy here

    Managing loads of up to 100kgs, these steel roof rails from Halfords are an affordable alternative to the other options on this list.

    Fitting most integrated roof bars, they are pre-assembled with pre-mounted feet, so they don't take long to put in place.

    There’s a non-slip protective coating on the 3cmx2cm profile, which fits most standard accessories.

    Though there is no locking mechanism and the rubber protection sits only on the inside and not the outside of the rail, it's difficult to quibble with semantics at such a low price.

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