Baileys Apple Pie has launched and it sounds delicious

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After the wildly successful launch of Baileys Colada, a brand new flavour of Baileys is blessing our bar carts – and this is one you certainly don’t want to miss.

As sad as we are that summer is drawing to a close, welcoming in Autumn means we can start enjoying all those beverages that are best suited to a cooler climate – like Baileys, for example.

While the classic Irish Liqueur is undeniably delicious, this new Apple Pie flavour is in a league of its own. Combining the heartwarming, timeless flavours of apple pie and vanilla ice cream with the Irish Cream we all know and love – this liqueur is sure to become a winter staple.

The new Apple Pie flavour uses apple, cinnamon, and vanilla to recreate the flavour of apple pie while avoiding the nasty synthetic taste that some apple flavoured liqueurs are known for.

You can buy Baileys Apple Pie now from Morrisons for $16, or The Bottle Club for £18.49.

Baileys Apple Pie can be enjoyed over ice just as you’d usually enjoy regular Baileys, or you can get creative and try one of Baileys signature cocktails.

One that sounds particularly delicious is the Baileys Apple Chai Pie.

All you need to do to create this cosy concoction is follow four easy steps:

Heat up 200ml of Chai Tea

Add 20ml of bourbon

Splash in 50ml of Baileys Apple Pie

Garnish with an apple slice and a cinnamon stick

And Voila! You have a warming cocktail that’s perfect for winter celebrations.

You can buy Baileys Apple Pie on Morrisons here. 

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