Astrology forecast for Joe Biden: Star sign readers predict ‘bright future’

Joe Biden inauguration: Barack Obama greets people

Joe Biden will be ushered in as the 46th president of the United States, taking over from the controversial President Donald Trump. Astrologers are predicting the change will open a bright future for the US, with President Biden leading the charge. On January 20, the day of the inauguration, Pluto is in opposition to President Biden’s natal Jupiter.

This will push the new leader of the US to achieve his goals.

It will also increase the intensity of his work ethic, and help him discover his inner strength.

However, the opposition will also boost his responsibility.

To yield this power, astrologers claim the person will need to be resilient.

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With President Biden’s natal Jupiter in opposition, he should be in a good position to yield such power.

Uranus is also in Taurus, which is a sign that radical change is impending.

Pluto is also aligning, and with it being a generational planet, there are signs in the skies that there are major political changes on the horizon.

Next year will be slightly different for the new President.

Pluto will continue to oppose President Biden’s natal Jupiter.

This time around, however, the energy built up in 2021 will likely be released.

Expert astrologer Remy Ramirez wrote for astrology site Dandelion Chandelier: “The powerful, transformative energy that helped push Biden up to the presidency on Inauguration Day will now likely be reassessed or reeled in with this retrograde.

“However, on October 8, Pluto will go direct, and again help President Biden sustain momentum as we move into the second half of his first term in 2023.

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“This fortuitous astrology is all about drawing on reserves of power in their most concentrated forms and facing the root of any and all situations.”

Moving into 2024, which could be President Biden’s last year, Uranus will oppose the Sun and Mercury.

This will result in unforeseen changes which can break down barriers.

However, Ms Ramirez said: “It’s joined by the Uranus opposition to Mercury, which brings a rush of new, surprising information.

“I believe the two of these will be working in tandem—whatever information is received will likely force Biden to make changes to how he’s showing up and communicating.”

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