Ariana Grande Just Swapped Her Iconic High Ponytail For Blonde Pigtails

And they’re blonde, too.

Iconic hairstyle? Ariana Grande has one. And now, she has two — ponytails, that is. The singer famous for her high pony just debuted not only a new style but also a new hair color on Instagram.

In a mirror selfie posted to her feed, Grande sports two high ponies on either side of her head, creating seriously voluminous pigtails. Her brunette hair has also been transformed thanks to bleach blonde ombre at the ends. The bright hue begins just above her shoulder and gets progressively more opaque as it travels to her ends.

With her look, Grande joins a long list of celebrities who have recently lightened their locks. Joe Jonas went bleach blonde just a few days ago, and before that Kaia Gerber was platinum before switching to pink.

Grande wore the pigtails yesterday as she rehearsed for the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards, although the blonde wasn’t visible in a previous photo. She may, however, have been paying homage to her upcoming performance: The singer wore holographic graphic liner in the same eye-framing shape that she wears in the "Rain on Me" music video — the song she’s set to perform with Lady Gaga during the awards show.

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