Anorexia survivor, 20, THANKS teenagers who made pig noises at her

Anorexia survivor, 20, who describes herself as ‘fat’ hits back at teenagers who snorted like PIGS as she passed them on the street

  • Eva Vermeiren, 20, developed anorexia when she was 16 and shared story online
  • Dutch woman thanked teenagers who snorted at her as showed her willpower
  • Eva said ‘yes, I am fat. But I am much happier’ and can see ‘light in the darkness’

A young woman overcoming anorexia hit back at teenagers who made pig noises as she passed in the street. 

Eva Vermeiren, 20, who is Dutch, revealed she developed anorexia at 16 and has undergone several clinical treatments over the last four years in a bid to overcome the condition while battling with depression and self-harm.  

Sharing her story on BoredPanda, Eva said she is now on the ‘road to recovery’ but is struggling with another eating disorder. 

She wrote: ‘Nowadays, I am fat, I have a body covered in scars and I still struggle with [binge eating disorder] and several other mental health issues,’ however she added she is so much further along in her journey than she ‘was back in the day’. 

In a candid Twitter thread, Eva told how her recovery was threatened when she was taunted by a group of teenagers on the street. She wrote the public note to ‘thank’ them for their cruelty, saying it showed to herself that she was still vulnerable. 

Eva Vermeiren, 20, left two years ago and right now, developed anorexia when she was 16 and on Monday had pig noises made at her as she walked down the street by teenagers

The Dutch woman shared her story on Twitter and thanked the teens for showing her ‘I am not yet where I want to be’ and ‘strengthening my willpower to mean something to the world’

She wrote: ‘You’ve not only made me realise there are still a lot of fatphobic a******s out there, you also showed me I am not yet where I want to be.’ 

Eva later added: ‘You not only made me realise I still have a long way to go to feel confident in my own skin, you also made me strengthen my willpower to mean something to the world.’ 

When she was faced with the awful situation on the street, Eva said her ‘heart started racing’ and concentrated on not ‘bursting into tears.’

She said: ‘My self-destructive thoughts took over my healthy brain and told me I was a worthless piece of s**t. However, I won’t let you make me doubt myself.’

Eva, pictured now, also explained how although she is ‘fat’ now she is ‘much happier’ and can see the ‘light in the darkness’ as she deals with her eating disorder

Eva said the incident in the street was difficult to deal with and her ‘heart started racing’

She also revealed that she’s struggled with eating disorders for several years and added in another tweet that she still has a binge eating disorder

Eva went on to explain that although she is now ‘fat’ and has ‘a body covered in scars’ she’s ‘much happier’ than she was before.

Eva said: ‘Yes, I am fat. But I am much happier than last years. I’ve struggled with several eating disorders for almost five years.

‘I’ve been severely underweight, on the edge of death, forced in hospital. I didn’t only lost a lot of weight, I lost myself and the strength to live.

‘Nowadays, I am fat, I have a body covered in scars and I still struggle with an eating disorder (binge eating disorder) and several other mental health issues, but I am so much further than I was back in the days.’ 

Eva revealed that she now struggled with binge eating but is doing better than she used to

Since starting to recover from anorexia Eva said she can ‘attend school and have a meaningful job’ meaning she will soon be able to ‘fully live’

The young woman explained that she can now attend school, have a meaningful job and regain her self-confidence. 

Eva said: ‘First I existed, now I survive and soon I will fully live. I need a healthy body to fulfill the adventures I have planned for myself in the future.’

In the thread Eva said that despite struggling in the past, she can now ‘see the light in the darkness.’

Eva said: ‘However, if losing weight means I am harming my mental health, it won’t. It’s not worth it.’

Eva, pictured now, shared her story to try and educate others about invisible illnesses

Eva’s story has been viewed more than 103,000 times on BoredPanda since it was posted

Eva thanked the teenagers and admitted she still has a ‘long way to go to feel confident’

The brave woman finished the Twitter thread by saying she wants to educate more people on the difficulty of invisible illnesses

Since posting her story it has been viewed more than 103,000 times on BoredPanda and dozens of people have commented supporting Eva.

One person wrote: ‘You are a super hero! You do have a purpose and place in the world. You own you.’

And another added: ‘You are certainly not fat. You have been through a lot and are still going through it. Don’t let the snorting idiots make you doubt yourself.’

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