An elegant twisted up-do that is perfect for date night or any special occasion.

When it comes to the natural hair movement, you often see women with looser curls as opposed to tighter coils at the forefront. The tutorial demos for cute trendy styles like the most recent goddess braids without hair extensions only showed the style on looser curls, and then when shown on tighter textures, it seemed like the look was done incorrectly. Many times, it’s tight curl patterns like 4c that are deemed unprofessional or unkept if not styled with extensions or concealed under weaves or wigs. 4c representation matters within the natural hair movement and deserves to be at the forefront because it’s originally who the movement was created for. 

We see 4c naturals fighting back against the stigmas on their hair by wearing it in its natural state without any added product or manipulation—embracing the 4c texture in all its kinky coily glory. If straight, wavy, and even 3c textures are able to stand in acceptance of how their hair looks straight out of bed, so can 4c hair types. This is easier said than done and will come with much practice and trauma undoing, but the 4c naturals are making their presence known and showing the duality that comes with tighter curls. 

Without all the external factors of 4c acceptance, it also can be challenging to manage 4c hair. But once you find the right products for your hair type, it becomes easier to style, and you won’t find yourself dueling it out with your comb while detangling. Finding a community of women embracing their 4c texture can make all the difference. Seeing women with tight coils having fun with unique styles, adorning their tresses with beads and clips, and trying out vibrant colors will make you want to step out of the box.

We reached out to the 4c community and compiled sixteen 4c style shots that will give your curls a confidence boost.

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2. A slick updo with a fallen flexi rod set is perfect for any occasion.

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3. Twist out’s are a great option for 4c hair if you want a defined curly style.

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4. The claw clip trend has taken over, and don’t think the 4c girlies can’t participate! This style can easily be achieved on stretched hair.

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5. Styling 4c hair doesn’t have to be so serious. Two puffs with intricate zig-zag parting is a unique way to spice up your day-to-day styling.

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6. Embrace your coils with your favorite defining curly cream or gel.

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7. The black fro has never done us wrong, but a little color can bring new life to your hair. And as we move into fall weather, ginger, copper, and burgundy should be considered for fro-friendly hair colors.

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8. A clean middle part is a no-fuss option when you’re tight on time.

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9. No extensions needed—twists and beads have such deep roots in the Black community. This is a great style to protect your coils and minimize constant manipulation.

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10. For the days when you want to serve a look but don’t want to put in the effort. The headscarf is the way to go! The versatility of how scarves can be tied and the array of prints and colors make for the perfect lazy accessory.

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11. 4c hair deserves to make an impression. Next time you hit the salon, go bold with vibrant colors.

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12. Coily bangs on 4c hair is a match made in heaven. If you aren’t afraid of scissors, this style is sure to turn heads.

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13. Who said 4c hair can’t be slicked back? Here it is in all its laid glory.

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14. A defined flexi rod set on 4c curls is packed with texture and can be styled in many ways. This style can go from the office to a girl’s night out on the town.

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15. This faux hawk style with accented twists and Bantu knots shows that 4c hair can be whimsical and playful—embrace it!

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16. An elegant twisted up-do that is perfect for date night or any special occasion. Also, think about the twist out that will come after you take this style down.

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