Aldi shoppers praise bargain heated throw Martin Lewis says can keep you warm for 4p a week

Amid rising cost of living prices in the UK, houses across the country are doing whatever they can to save money on bills.

With energy costs rising, heating our homes has become increasingly expensive, with many taking money-saving tips wherever they can to lower their bills this spring.

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has now been praised after shoppers discovered a £35 SpecialBuy bargain from Aldi which will help to keep you warm for as little as 4p a week.

During an appearance on ITV’s This Morning last week, Martin suggested using things such as electric blankets and USB gloves to “heat yourself instead of your home”.

Aldi shoppers have discovered a bargain item which has stopped them from turning up their heating amid the rising costs.

Posting on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains Facebook group, Barbara Mann shared a snap of a £35 heated throw with sleeves you can buy at Aldi.

The post, which has over 5,000 comments, has been praised by many after Martin’s suggestion.

She wrote: "After Martin Lewis recommendations for keeping warm and using electric blankets if you only need to be warm in one room…bingo. £35 Aldi."

Another fan of the bargain item wrote: “They are great. And I use it as an electric blanket on the very cold nights. So comfortable."

While another added: "I've got one of these and it's lush, so comfy and warm even without turning it on!"

It's predicted that every energy provider in the UK will increase prices by up to 50per cent as the cost of living crisis continues to pinch.

Most energy firms are increasing their standard tariffs to the maximum allowed by the Ofgem price cap – £1,971.

The financial guru has advised considering making some careful household changes ahead of the imminent price rises.

These include ensuring you have received The Energy Bills Rebate which provides an upfront discount on their bills worth £200, to be paid back over the next five years.

If you are really struggling you may be eligible to use a hardship fund with one-on-one help from charities National Energy Action and Citizens Advice.

Martin also suggests double-checking you are paying the right band of tax, rather than assuming this is something your employer does.

Money Saving Expert has an easy to use tool to work out what you should be paying. You cancheck your tax code here .

Information is also available on theHMRC website.

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