8 Best Yoga Mats for 2022 | The Sun UK

WHETHER you prefer to do your downward facing dogs in the privacy of your own home or you like doing your sun salutations in a group environment, the thing that can make all the difference to your practice is having the best yoga mat.

Yoga is a great exercise that can help improve both your physical and mental health. It helps build strength and mobility, and all that stretching is great for recovery after weight training and cardio sessions. Yoga can even help you stay injury-free if you’re a regular runner.

When looking for the best yoga mat for you, look into whether it provides good grip — even when you’re a bit sweaty. Also check if it’s a good length and width for all the elongated poses, and if the material suits your practice, be it a more mindful Yin Yoga, a super sweaty hot yoga or a power flow.

You might also want to consider the weight of the mat if you’re carrying it around a lot, as well as the thickness, should you need a little more cushioning for your joints. Finally check exactly what the yoga mat is made from, for allergy and sustainability reasons.

To compile our list of the best yoga mats, we asked Devinder Bains, a freelance journalist, personal trainer and yoga enthusiast, to do a mixture of at-home sessions and group classes with an experienced yogi and a yoga newbie. Read on to find out her thoughts.

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