7 Funny Mother’s Day Memes That Even Mom Will Find Hilarious

Now that my mother has finally turned in her flip phone for a smart phone, sharing memes with her is one of my favorite things to do. Though I’m not sure she understands what they are, they make her laugh, especially if there’s an animal involved. If your mom has had a very enthusiastic, but late start to meme life, you’ll want to share some funny Mother’s Day memes with her, because a card it great, but a spot-on meme, is funnier.

To be clear, you should definitely send your mom a card too, but sharing a hilarious meme with her will give you something to bond over. And if your mom is anything like my mom, she’ll also probably share that meme with everyone in her address book, so you’re really doing her entire social network a favor.

Here I’ve put together a selection of witty, cheeky, and totally relevant mom memes, best suited for the mom with a great sense of internet humor. Send her the memes in a text, or share them on social media so that all of your friends and followers can enjoy them too. Nothing says "Happy Mother’s Day" in the year 2019 like a funny picture with a snarky caption.

*Tries To Enlarge Images That Doesn’t Enlarge*

You know that mom squint; the one where her whole face contorts and her mouth moves up to the side of her face. Yes, that one.

We Have It At Home

If your childhood is haunted by missed opportunities on account of your mother telling you that for whatever cool and awesome thing that you wanted, she could assure you had one just like it at home — this meme really speaks to you.

You Taught Me

Why spend money on eating out? There’s plenty of stale bread and hard cheese at home.

It’s The Thought That Counts

Listen, if you tell your mom that you were going to make her breakfast in bed, that should count for something.

You Can’t Tap The Screen, It’s A Computer

If your mother has ever tried to use her finger as a mouse, you know how real this is. But it’s OK, it’s nice to have something to offer her.

Pay Up, Money Bags

Guilty as charged. This meme is spot on.

She Gets It

Some moms are just are fluent in their kids and it’s totally amazing to watch. Whether it’s trying to decode what they’re saying, or just simply looking at their kids and understanding how they feel, it’s truly a gift.

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