15 times people used wrong words instead of what they meant

‘I made a mushroom car banana!’ Baffled social media users share the hilarious spelling mistakes they’ve discovered which give simple phrases a whole new meaning

  • People from US and UK have shared outlandish and hilarious spelling mistakes  
  • One person send readers in hysterics when wrote ‘salmonella’ as ‘sell my nana’  
  • Another referred to ‘propaganda’ as ‘proper gander’ in a Facebook comment 

Finding the right words is not easy, but sometimes, using the wrong phrase can have hilarious results. 

In a gallery by Bored Panda, people from the US and the UK have shared the funniest example of people using one word when they meant another, or trying hazardous spellings of well-known phrases. 

‘One Day in Paradise’ became ‘One Day in Pair of Dice,’ while ‘appetite’ became ‘apple tight.’

One person sent others in hysterics when they spelled ‘salmonella,’ the disease people get from uncooked poultry, as ‘sell my nana.’  

People have been sharing funny occurrences where people used a incorrect word instead of the one they meant. One person from Hendersonville, North Carolina, shared this funny example where ‘Carbonara’ became ‘car banana’ 

In Australia, one person shared this screenshot of a friend struggling to find the right spelling for ‘quesadilla’ 

Perhaps what’s most revolting in this picture is not the fact someone ate a cookie burger, with meat, cheese and chocolate, but how ‘appetite’ was spelled in the comments 

This person’s angry comment was lessened by the fact they spelled ‘cease and desist’ as ‘cease and dentist’ 

One person from the US shared this hilarious message where someone warned against ‘salmonella’ but instead threatened to sell their grandmother 

One person from Cincinnati, shared this picture where ‘One Day in Paradise’ became ‘One Day in Pair of Dice’

A UK resident shared this image of one of their Facebook friends trying to write ‘propaganda’ but writing ‘proper gander’ instead 

In the US, a McDonald’s aficionado spelled Caesar salad as ‘seizure’, which earned them a few giggles 

Oh, the irony! One person rudely told another to ‘learn to spell’ after wrongly spelling ‘anemia’ as ‘anime’  

In the US, a second-hand seller tried to sell a medieval dagger online, but got his spellings mixed up 

Rather unfortunately, one person asked another to ‘mock’ their words instead of ‘marking’ them 

This person used another word for ‘scampi,’ which conjured hilarious images of shrimps going camping

One person believed to be from the US shared this cute exchange where one person wrote ‘vanilla abstract’ when they meant ‘vanilla extract’

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