You’ve been putting your makeup on all wrong… there’s a specific order for your cosmetics to get a flawless finish

IT'S a pretty well-known fact that primer is the first thing to apply when it comes to doing your makeup.

But if you want a flawless finish, there's a specific order in which to use the rest of your cosmetics too.

As the name suggests, primer should be your first port of call – and should be used on the eyes and lips as well as the face.

“Primer makes foundation glide on more easily and helps control issues like redness and pore size, so that foundation doesn’t have to work as hard," Issada Cosmetics CEO Fiona Neale told Vogue Australia.

While you might reach for the concealer next, foundation should be applied first, Fiona explained.

"Concealing work is inevitably going to be disturbed when foundation is applied over the top – otherwise you waste product," she added.

Once you have a good base, you can start covering up your blemishes and areas you want to conceal.

After that, you can add some colour to the face, with a touch of bronzer.

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If you want to solely use bronzer, apply it over foundation, but if you're going to use blusher too, then this should be used after the bronzer – it will look strange if bronzer is sitting on top of blusher.

Eyebrows are up next – they should be done before you do your eye make-up so they can act as a guide.

"I always shape and fill in brows before doing eye makeup," Fiona explained.

What order should I apply my makeup in?

Fiona Neale, CEO and founder of Issada Cosmetics CEO, has a strict order list when it comes to applying makeup.

  1. Primer
  2. Concealer
  3. Foundation
  4. Bronzer
  5. Blusher
  6. Eyebrows
  7. Eyeshadow
  8. Eyeliner
  9. Mascara
  10. Powder
  11. Lipstick
  12. Setting spray

"A full, groomed brow frames the eye socket better and gives a clearer arch to work with when applying eye shadow and contouring the eye.”

Once the brows are perfect, you can move on to the eye makeup itself – with shadow first, then eyeliner and then mascara.

When you're happy with your makeup, you can set it in place with a liberal dusting of powder over the chin, cheeks and nose.

Then, if you want to, you can finish off your look with a touch of lipstick.

At this point, setting spray can be used to keep everything in place.

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