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A WOMAN was blown away when she discovered that she'd been eating oranges wrong for her whole life – and there was a way to do it without causing any mess.

Hayley Parsons posted a video of herself on TikTok watching fellow influencer Alan demonstrate the savvy life hack.

Alan cut the fruit in half and showed the two sides up to the camera.

He then said: "And then you can just take it and pop it out like this."

The TikToker then proceeded to push his thumb into the peel of the orange turning the contents inside out.

This meant that each half segment could be eaten without any mess.

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Hayley was blown away so decided to give it a go for herself.

Unlike some other online hacks this was easy for her to recreate and her jaw-dropped in shock when she managed to pull off the new technique.

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Fellow TikTokers were quick to comment on the food hack.

One person said: "I've been doing this for years since I had a baby. The smaller pieces prevent choking. I still do it as its so much easier."

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Another said: "What a game changer."

A third said: "Where has this been in my 27 years on this planet?"

And another said: "Been doing this for years, I work I childcare and this makes life so easy."

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However a couple of people were quick to point out that what they were using was a mandarin and not an orange.

One person said: "TikTok is showing me so many mandarin videos and everyone’s calling them oranges it’s killing me."

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