You could have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the TWO snow leopards in the Himalayan mountains | The Sun

IF you can spot the two snow leopards hidden in the Himalayan mountains you must have perfect eyesight.

The mum and her cub are blending almost entirely into the snowy background- but can you see them?

The snow leopards' fur has camouflaged perfectly against the rocky terrain at 14,763ft.

Nature photographer Dhritiman Mukherjee, 43, from Kolkata, India, watched as the leopards sat together on the mountain for around 12 hours during the day, before becoming active and climbing around the rocks.

He said: "I have been interested in snow leopards in the high Himalayas for a long time.

"This encounter was very interesting. I got the mother and cub in Hemis national park in Ladakh, India, when the temperature range was between minus three and minus 30 degrees Celsius.


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"I was following the mother and her cub for an entire day and was amazed by their smart approach to tackling the terrain and that rugged environment.

"I tried to capture the intelligence of the animal and how comfortably it blended into the terrain in my photographs.

"The snow leopard is a magnificent big cat, very elusive and a very smart creature, which has adapted to suit the very difficult high altitude Himalayan habitat for its survival.

"After sitting for 12 hours in the daytime, this pair began to move around, and I got to witness some fantastic moments.

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"It was a nice opportunity to show them in their beautiful, vast and rugged environment and we can see how comfortably they merged into the terrain.

"I was very fortunate to witness the emotional interaction of a mother and a cub."

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