You can now buy see-through plastic shorts for your man to wear at the beach – but you definitely can’t go commando – The Sun

EACH summer brings a series of questionable swimwear trends.

From the 'underboob' bikini to 'naked' one pieces, we thought we'd set eyes on it all before.

But it turns out there's always more for us to see – quite literally.

The internet is going wild for a pair of see-through beach shorts intended for your man's next hot holiday.

MaverickSwim's Transparent Waterproof Beach Short cost £23.

They come in a sizes medium or large, and there's currently free delivery to the UK.

  • Berlin Transparent Waterproof Beach Shorts lime, £23, MaverickSwim – buy here

The clear plastic polyester material features a drawstring opening and fetching neon lime green trim.

With full transparency, we'd recommend wearing underwear beneath or risk being arrested for indecent exposure.

According to the brand's website: "Berlin waterproof transparent shorts are completely see-through and leave it totally up to you if you wanna wear a colourful statement Speedo underneath or just go bare for fun!

"The polyester shorts come with neon lining that makes you pop out of the crowds!"

Unsurprisingly, the shorts have received mixed reviews on Twitter.

One person teased: "A recipe for sweaty junk…"

Another joked: "Better wear nothing to save some plastic."

A third mocked: "It’s gonna be a hard no for me."

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