Woman’s incredibly blinged up grey house goes viral – and EVERY surface is covered with sparkly decor

WE'RE fast approaching the festive season – and let's just say, we're VERY excited to have an excuse to wear sparkles on an everyday basis.

That said, one mum has made our dreams a reality by giving her home a complete glitter makeover.

And we'll warn you now, it'll make you want to completely make over your home.

Posting on the Facebook group B&M Stores, Bargains and More, full-time mum-of-five Amanda Parker, 36, proudly showed off her mother's incredible blinged up house.

Sharing videos for fellow "bling lovers", Amanda wrote: "She has added bling herself to everything you see, she buys it standard, this is her hobby and her therapeutic thing to do."

Everything in Dawn Shaw's house in Rotherham, West Yorkshire, fits within the grey glittery theme – from the coffee table in her living room right down to her toilet seat.

Her daughter Amanda Parker told Fabulous Digital her mum loved her quirky house.

She said: "She'd had five kids by 21 so was really busy, her house was very minimal and basic, she didn't have time to fulfil her passions.

"But she really loves glitter and this summer she's fulfilled her dreams of painting everything silver.

"Some of the things in her house are garden ornaments. She will spray paint them in metallic silver.

"She'll handpaint things too. She's been doing it over the past summer. and it's taken hours.

"I like it but it wouldn't be me to live in because I have kids!"

Dawn has even painted the back of her doors with grey glittery paint and has a stunning sparkly clock as the feature in her hallway.

The post has racked up over 400 'likes' in the group – and other mums are lusting after it too.

One replied: "[I want this] house when my kids have grown!"

Another added: "OMG I LOVE IT. I sooooo love everything bling. Her house is just amazing."

A third wrote: "Wow I’ve never seen so much sparkle!!"

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