Woman swears by using cocoa powder as a dry shampoo but everyone's saying the same thing | The Sun

SHE'D seen a video of a woman using cornstarch to soak up her hair grease instead of dry shampoo.

But as Ria didn't have any cornstarch in her kitchen cupboards, she decided to try some cocoa powder.

In a video shared to TikTok, Ria put a small amount of the chocolate powder onto the lid, before taking a large powder brush.

She then used the brush to pick up some of the powder, which she applied to the roots of her hair.

Once she was finished, she used her fingers to rake through her hair – showing her locks looking fresh and volumised.

"I didn't have corn starch, but it still worked..cocoa powder as dry shampoo," Ria captioned her video.

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And despite the fact that she was impressed with the results of the cocoa powder, everyone in the comments section was left saying the same thing.

"What if it rains?" one person wrote.

"Chocolate milk if it rains girl," another added.

"And then it rains," a third commented, alongside crying laughing emojis.

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"and when the head starts ti sweat??? just thinking out loud," someone else added.

While another warned: "The itch you'll get from that sugar inside the powder."

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"The best is talcum powder," someone else suggested.

"Yes, with any powder. Even flour," another commented.

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