Woman shares daughter’s sneaky trick to steal back her confiscated phone – but everyone's saying the same thing | The Sun

A MUM shared her daughter’s genius sneaky trick to steal back her confiscated phone – but that’s not what’s got people talking.

Mum Melanie had taken her 14-year-old daughter’s phone at 8.30pm and left it plugged in outside her bedroom door.

At first glance, anyone would think the phone was clearly exactly where she’d left it, out of her daughter’s hands and safely outside her bedroom.

On closer inspection, however, Melanie realised her daughter’s very clever scheme.

Although the phone case was still outside the bedroom door, seemingly attached to the charger, the actual phone had been removed.

In its place, Melanie’s daughter had just coloured in a piece of paper to look like a phone camera, and stuck it in the hole in her phone case.

The mum said: “When your 14-year-old daughter has to hand her phone over at 8.30pm and leave it on charge outside my bedroom door… Trust no one!”

The video quickly racked up 5.8 million views – but people were less interested in Melanie’s daughter’s clever scheme, and more interested in slamming the mum for her strict parenting.

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“Strict parents raise sneaky kids, trust me”, said one, while another wrote: “Your kid wouldn’t be so sneaky if you weren’t strict – ingenuity proves it.”

“My mom did this. You’re not making her a better person, just a more sneaky one”, added a third.

The mum stressed that she doesn’t normally take her daughter’s phone.

She said: “I should’ve clarified she’s having her phone confiscated because she’s misbehaved. It’s not a permanent thing.”

Some commenters agreed with the mum’s parenting style.

“Why are people mad she’s actually parenting her child”, asked one viewer, while another wrote: “Parents are supposed to parent guys! The kid doesn’t pay for the phone and there still has to be rules to follow in the household.”

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