Woman shares amazing winter hack as she reveals the best shoes to wear to avoid icy slippages – but not everyone agrees | The Sun

THERE'S nothing worse than going out on an icy day and slipping over as soon as your foot hits the pavement.

But one woman has claimed there's an easy way to prevent any falls – and it's all down to the shoes you wear.

Ess took to her TikTok page to share her "public service announcement", as she said: "Wear your Crocs on the ice – they barely slip at all.

"Total game changer."

She then shared a video of herself walking confidently on an icy path in her Crocs.

And she added in the video caption: "Crocs barely slip on ice!!!

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"Nearly broke my neck a few times in air forces but crocs for the win."

People were quick to comment on the video, but not everyone agreed with Ess' recommendation.

"I fell on my arse wearing crocs on ice," one wrote.

"no cause I fell down a hill yesterday wearing crocs," another added.

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"mine are about 14 years old. not risking it, I slip if there is a small spill in kitchen," a third commented.

To which Ess replied: "Amazing that they’ve even lasted 14 years tho!

"Like what other shoe lasts that long?! Legends. Time for a new pair though!"

But others were quick to praise Ess for the tip, with one writing: "i’m joining the crocs cult."

"another positive to crocs," someone else commented.

"This was me on the school run. life savers," another added.

With Ess responding: "Aren’t they! I mean some patches of ice are still a bit dodgy but… nowhere near as bad as in trainers!!"

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