Woman nabs £72 worth of Max Factor lipsticks for just £8 from Wilko in mega make-up haul

WE all have our favourite lipstick which we save for special occasions and stock up on whenever there’s a sale.

Which is exactly what one woman did after spotting her go-to Max Factor lipstick was on offer at Wilkos. 

Normally the lippies cost £8.99, but they had a sticker showing they were half price, so the beauty fan picked up her favourite shade. 

She headed over to the till thinking she was getting 50 per cent off, but was shocked when it scanned through at just £1 instead. 

Amazed at how cheap it was, she went back for seven more, ending up bagging £71.92 worth of make-up for a mere £8.

She shared a snap of her haul to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, as well AS her receipts. 

Went through till at £1 each

She wrote: “These lipsticks are normally £10.

“Went through till at £1 each.

“I bought 8 should have been £80.” 

Dozens of people have liked her post, amazed at her bargain. 

One person said: “Omg that is fantastic, well done hun enjoy your fab bargains."

Another wrote: “Well done on that!!"

A third committed: “Oh my I have just been in there if I knew I would of stocked up lol."

While this person simply added: “Bargain.”

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