What you see first says a lot about your personality – so are you an idealist or are your feet firmly on the ground? | The Sun

WHAT you see first in this photo reveals a great deal about your personality, according to a psychology whizz. 

Taking to social media, the man posted a red and white optical illusion and urged people to identify the first thing they see in it. 

“Are you an idealist or do you have your feet firmly on the ground?” he questioned viewers before going into an explanation. 

If you saw the felt tip pen first, he said, it could mean you’re a “great visionary”. 

“You’re someone who can see the big picture in the long term and make decisions accordingly,” he went on. “You’re able to think in the long term. 

“And make useful decisions that will prove useful in the near or distant future.” 

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TikTok user @psychology101 said that you’re someone who likes to plan ahead for any given scenario you can think of that could happen. 

Not only can you take on any challenge that you’re presented with, but you’re also thoughtful and think about the repercussions of your actions before doing anything. 

He continued: “However, you can also be too much of a perfectionist and can sometimes be too strict with yourself or others.

“You are strong willed and can be very determined and persevering.” 

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If, however, you saw the woman’s body first then you’re a very sociable and empathetic person. 

He said: “You are a person who knows how to adapt to a group and know how to listen to and understand others. 

“You have a great ability to put yourself in someone’s shoes and understand how they feel and what they want. You’re very sensitive and tend to be protective of others.” 

Despite this, you can also get easily hurt by what others have to say about you. You also have a tendency to care a little too much, which in turn makes you worry about external things that happen. 

He went on: “You may also find it difficult to make decisions and commit yourself to a particular direction. 

“You can sometimes be too kind and helpful, which can get you into trouble.” 

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