What Is Infinity Jewelry? Here's Why You Need to Try Out This Dainty Trend

What Is Infinity Jewelry? Here’s Why You Need to Try Out This Dainty Trend

Infinity jewelry — sometimes called forever jewelry, permanent jewelry, or welded-on jewelry — is having a moment. It’s been all over TikTok recently, perhaps because getting a piece of infinity jewelry is more of an experience than just ordering a bracelet online or trying on a necklace at a store.

If you’ve never heard of the jewelry trend before, you’re probably wondering what exactly goes into getting infinity jewelry — and the term “welded-on” can seem a little intense. So, we chatted with Schyler Gately, the jeweler behind LA-based Susumi Studio and one of a handful of people offering infinity jewelry, to break down the process of getting one of these dainty pieces.

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