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WITH Halloween right around the corner you might be spending this weekend carving a pumpkin.

But if you want to make sure yours doesn't start going mouldy before Monday night there are a few tricks you can try.

Pumpkins can go mouldy faster than other vegetables since the inside is so moist.

Not only that, but after spending ages carving the perfect spooky face, you probably want to make sure your neighbours can see it before it starts to rot.

According to Womansday.com , peppermint can be used to help your pumpkin stay fresh.

Either peppermint oil or soap can be used to create a solution with water and then sprayed inside the pumpkin.

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You can also fight the bacteria that makes pumpkins go mouldy with bleach.

"Spraying it every day with water mixed with a few drops of bleach will keep it moist and ward off bacteria," according to the pros.

Remember to wear gloves and be careful not to spray the bleach on to any surfaces that could be damaged.

And if you want some extra protection for your spooky pumpkin, try some Vaseline.

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In the same way Vaseline keeps your lips from chapping and drying out, it can stop the carved edges of your pumpkin from doing the same.

Make sure your clean the pumpkin first, since the Vaseline will trap any nasty bacteria inside.

And most importantly, Vaseline is flammable so don't use a candle inside – stick to a fake one instead.

Finally, store your pumpkin somewhere cool when it's not on display.

Even though outside is normally the best option, if the weather is warm pop it in the fridge.

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