We test the mascaras which wash off with just water & the best is just £7.99

SERIAL smudgers, listen up: Try a wash-off tubing mascara.

If you are often at war with stubborn products and end up looking like the Joker when trying to remove mascara, then give your eyes a break.

Unlike traditional mascaras, which paint lashes in pigment that can clump, tubing alternatives contain microfibres called polymers that create a tube around each lash.

Not only does it lengthen and fan out your lashes, it does not smudge.

Yet it washes off with just warm water, so there’s no need for harsh make-up remover.

Wave goodbye to panda eyes – check out Siobhan O’Connor’s tried-and-tested guide to tubing mascaras, each rated out of five for ease of washing off.

Glossier Lash Slick (£14)


THE blush baton gives your make-up kit an Instagrammable step up, but it is a little pricier than the budget bottles.

It’s said to be Holly Willoughby’s favourite lash-enhancing mascara, and the tiny bristles work wonders at lengthening and separating lashes – plus it stayed put all day.

When it came to washing it off, it took a little more effort, requiring a muslin to shift the stubborn remnants – likely because this one is water-resistant, so be prepared for a little more elbow grease.

But it’s still much easier than normal mascaras.

Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara (£10)


ALL of Eyeko’s mascaras are tubing so it’s really just about finding the right brush to suit you.

This one has a helix brush, angled to give optimal curling power – and I did notice a lift.

It’s a squeeze tube which makes it easier to get the last dregs out – plus it includes biotin and shea butter, a winning combination to nourish your lashes.

It washes off with ease, without leaving your skin sore and red.

Essence Bye Bye Panda Eyes Mascara (£3.49)


FOR less than a fiver, this is hands-down the best for value.

The formula applies easily without clumping or sticking lashes together and really lengthens my stubby set.

Fans of the product have claimed you can even sleep in it and wake up without any smudging.

While I wouldn’t recommend testing this, sometimes it does happen.

And it comes off as easily as it goes on, streaking as soon you wet your eyes with warm water.

Revolution Lift and Define 5D Lash Mascara (£8.99)


FOR plump, fully-fluffed lashes with an extra dose of drama, Revolution’s Lift And Define mascara will give that false lashes effect.

I was surprised by the thick jet-black film that curled and lengthened my lashes.

To remove it, I swiped my eyes with warm water and the formula started running – lifting straight off my skin by dabbing with a damp cloth.

Ideal if you want a heavy look but have sensitive skin, as it brings volume without the need to scrub to remove.

Hourglass Unlocked Instant Extensions Mascara (£29)


IT maybe at the luxury end of our selections for jet-black lashes, but it has lasted me a good couple of months, so the cost per wear is reasonable.

The fibre formula coats and spans out each lash with its baby bristles, making it easier to get in at the roots and wriggle lashes out, providing defined length rather than fluffy volume.

It rinses off without make-up remover, but be prepared for a little leakage, as it’s not water-resistant – so not the best if you are a crier.

Maybelline Snapscara ­Mascara (£7.99)


I PREFER fine-toothed wands when it comes to combing my lashes, as thicker brushes tend to result in clumping.

But promising to be a smudge-free, clump-free mascara, ­Maybelline Snapscara lived up to the claim.

Standing the test of time without streaking down my face by the end of the day, it rinsed off as soon as I patted my eyes with warm water.

The only hiccup is after applying a couple of layers, my lashes did resemble spider legs.

Siobhan’s tubing tips

DON’T OVER-PUMP: This dries out the formula.

WARM UNDER ARMPIT: As you near the end, warm up the leftover formula by placing it under your armpit while you do the rest of your make-up.

BORROW BRISTLES: Found a comb you like? Clean, keep and use with the next mascara you try.

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