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WITH the cost-of-living crisis putting a strain on many, it seems that our wallets are tight and after working 40 hour weeks, many people are struggling to pay the bills each month.

But one family, known on TikTok as ‘Nautical Nomads’, have proved that renting a house or buying a property aren’t the only options you can take.

Liz her partner Wes couldn’t afford to buy a home and so made the decision to buy an old school bus instead.

After three years of renovating, the couple now live in their bus full-time with their four-year-old daughter Finley and their dog Fitz. 

The couple told VivaMaca: “We believe that we were born for more than just paying bills and dying so we try to live every day to its full potential.

“We were floating through life, as you do, working for the weekends so we could go anywhere and everywhere and dreading Mondays. 

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“Wes was working hard building his construction company and I was trying to establish my photography business Black Pineapple Photography. 

“When we found out we were pregnant we had been living in our rental home for 4 or so years and we went into panic mode. 

“It was barely big enough for us and our businesses let alone a baby! 

“We immediately started the home buying process and, let’s just say, it was a miserable, stressful, toxic experience. 

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“Through no fault of our own (paperwork hiccups by our lenders) we were denied TWICE on closing day and our credit, that we spent so long trying to build, was now shot. We were back at square one.

“We spent hours a day trying to figure out how we could just buy even a piece of land and live in a mobile home while Wes built us a home but being a first time home buyer with now crappy credit – lenders wouldn’t touch us with a 10ft pole.”

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Liz decided to research some other options and came across school buses.

She realised that if the couple bought a school bus, they could have the home they wanted and travel around with it too. 

The only obstacle was Wes’ construction company – it was a huge accomplishment but caused a lot of stress for the couple.

After a lot of deliberation, the couple ultimately decided to close the construction company.

The couple are now living and travelling in their renovated school bus full time with their daughter and dog. 

The family are avid social media users and regularly show off their renovated bus on TikTok.

They explained: “Three years ago we bought a school bus.

“We took everything out of it, tried to put in a skylight and failed so covered it up, built a bed frame, extended our bumper by 3 feet, installed propane and copper piping.

“Painted the roof, installed plumbing and a water pump, made a step cubby, insulated the whole thing, put in a ceiling and painted it.

“Laid wood flooring, built a headboard, installed our toilet, built a bunk bed for our daughter, made all of our cabinets, and our shower.

“And this is what it looks like now”. 

In another video, Liz discusses how their toilet works.

She explained: “I’m here to talk about this [Where is your toilet?] which is our most-asked question. 

“Our toilet slides out from underneath our bed. 

“The poop and the pee are separate – the pee goes into that jug and the poop goes into this shaft into some compost.

“Once you’re done, you spray it down with a water and vinegar mixture, close the lid and you’re all done.

“And if you’re really squeamish, there’s a curtain”. 

TikTok users were happy for the couple and couldn’t believe how amazing their school bus looked. 

One person said: “It looks beautiful!” 

Another added: “Nicer than my entire house”.

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A third commented: “Wowwwwwwww”.

Someone else added: “Wow good work just beautiful”.

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