Trolls accuse me of sending my kids to bed hungry when they see what I feed them – it’s rude, we just eat simply | The Sun

SHE was slammed by trolls when she shared a video showing what she bought to make meals for the next two weeks.

But Amanda has hit back at people criticising her, insisting she and her family just like to eat "simply".

The backlash began when she shared a video on TikTok of her grocery haul for the next fortnight.

"This is the groceries I got to feed my family for the next two weeks," she said.

"We got five pounds of chicken, we got 10 pounds of beef – this will be about eight meals – some eggs, some pork chops, milk, tortillas and lots of bread."

Amanda continued to show the cheese, bananas, carrots, lettuce, hot dogs, lunch meat and filled dumplings she picked up.

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She also bought some macaroni cheese packs, tinned ravioli, chicken noodle soup, tomato and basil soup and a 12pack of chicken ramen soup. 

"Grocery haul! Under £100 ($120) for 2 weeks of meals," she captioned her video.

"how the heck is that gonna last 2 weeks?" one person commented on the video.

"Are you in Ethiopia?" another rudely wrote.

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"Ok no I hate this I am on the wrong side of tiktok this is disturbing and u have children and this is what u feed them?!!?!?!?!?" someone else added.

While another commented: "Unless your children’s going to bed hungry, there’s no way in hell."

It was that comment that Amanda chose to respond to in another video on TikTok.

"We don't go to bed hungry, we just eat simple," she wrote over the top of the clip, which showed her preparing some grilled cheese sandwiches to go alongside the tomato soup.

"I got a lot of comments like this and I can see why people would say that but really we just don’t eat 5 course meals," she added in the caption.

"Grilled cheese and tomato soup is perfect for these cold days and something we can eat as a family."

And people were quick to defend Amanda in the comments, with one writing: "This is a staple meal growing up in so many families. People are out of touch/used to overeating."

"Some people never grew up on a tight budget and it shows," another added.

"Nothing wrong with your meals. You’re feeding your family mama!"

"awesome meal," a third commented.

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"Sick of making big meals they don't eat.

"They love tomato soup and cheese toast – least none be wasted."

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