Tricky Halloween-themed brainteaser challenges YOU to find the Jack-O-Lantern hiding among the pumpkins

AS we head into autumn it’s time to start thinking about all things creepy and crawly, and to get you in the mood why not test yourself on this spooky quiz. 

Brits are being challenged to find the Jack-O-Lantern hiding among the pumpkins in this Halloween-themed brainteaser – and you can even buy the print for your house. 

The fiendishly tricky illusion was devised by 247 blinds, who said the record for spotting the Jack-O-Lantern is 54 seconds. 

And if you wanted to put your friends and family to the test, or wanted some Halloween décor, you can even buy the brainteaser as a blind for your house. 

The print is called the Pumpkin Picking design, and starts from just £15.85.

247 Blinds said: “The enchanting design is the perfect addition to your home this autumn and doubles up as a ‘spooktastic’ brainteaser to keep you entertained this year while you cosy up on the sofa with your pumpkin spice latte and watch your favourite Halloween film.  

  • Pumpkin Picking – Roller Blind, 247 Blinds, £15.85 – buy now

“The subtle pumpkin pattern is hiding a cheeky Halloween face and is perfect for the whole autumn season.”

If you’re stuck over the answer, fear not as we’ve circled it below. 

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