Thrifty tenant transforms staircase in rented home for just £20 using paint and laminate flooring from B&M

ADDING your own personal touch to a rented property can be tricky, but one woman has been called a "dream tenant" after refurbishing her staircase for just £20.

Sharing the transformation on Facebook, the post has since racked up over 4,000 likes as well as hundreds of comments from impressed social media users.

Posting images of the transformation, the woman wrote: "It was so ugly under the stair carpet, my landlord's been saying about replacing it for months but I couldn't bear to look at it any longer.

"Cost – one tin of wood paint and one pack of laminate cut to size, so £20-25.

"My landlord is fine with it, but I honestly didn't mind paying to do this because it looked so disgusting and I'm just so happy I don't have to see it every time I go upstairs now.

"The paint was just an own brand one for wood, I think it was from Wilko. Nothing expensive anyway. I haven't sealed it or anything but will see how it lasts."

The DIY guru went on to explain how she managed to achieve the look, even revealing she'd snapped up the laminate for just a tenner.

"Anyway, just filled in the holes before sanding down the treads (didn't bother with the back bits because the laminate covers them) and painted the skirting and treads, took a few coats," she continued.

"Was quite lucky with the laminate I just came across it by chance in B&M one day and it was reduced to a tenner because the box was damaged.

"I had to use one piece per step, cut them to size and stuck them on, but not too much – so I could easily pry them off if I have to remove them when I move out.

"It's not too slippy, maybe if you had wet feet or something, was thinking of putting some carpet treads down but I'm not too sure."

Other bargain hunters on the DIY On A Budget Official page were impressed, with one landlord saying the woman sounded like "a great tenant".

Another wrote: "Beautiful, well done. What a transformation! Dream tenant."

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