Thrifty mums share the supermarket shopping tricks that halve their food bills – including a clever trolley tip

NOT trying to boast or anything – but we're absolute pros when it comes to writing shopping lists.

As well as being alphabetised, they're also divided up into which section you'd find every item in the supermarket.

But actually sticking to the budget? Well that's something we've yet to master.

Luckily for us, thrifty mums have been sharing their top tips that helped them HALVE their weekly food bills – from the "secret" code on the back of the packaging to a clever gift card budgeting hack.

Top Trolley Tip

Struggling to visualise how much you're spending at the supermarket? Well this mum's trolley trick is guaranteed to go down a treat.

Posting in the Budgeting, Food, Savings Ideas, Stockpiling, Life Help Australia Facebook page, the anonymous shopper explained how they create a new pile in their shopping basket every time they go over $10 [£5.50].

Demonstrating how it works, the shopper shared a photo of how she'd sectioned off her trolley into eight groups – including fruit, vegetables, dips and deli meat.

Explaining how this had helped her cut back on bills, the mum said her method has put a stop to impulse spending as she knows when she's near the top-end of her budget.

The post racked up hundreds of comments from people who were pretty impressed by the hack.

"I take a list and keep my calculator open on my phone," one person said, admitting they usually round up the amounts to avoid going over.

"Never thought of that. Great idea," another wrote in the comments.

While a third said: "I like this idea about grouping things so it is easier for you to calculate."

'Secret' Supermarket Codes

Earlier this year, Maneet Kaur, 28, from Leicester, explained how the "secret" batch codes helped her halve her weekly food shopping bill.

The process technologist had watched a video on how medication is marketed and decided to look into the food industry – starting with packets of pasta, tins of beans and loaves of bread.

In the viral TikTok clip, Maneet compared a 53p 500g packet of penne pasta from Tesco with a packet by Hearty Food Co that was on sale for 29p.

Maneet said: "I work in the food industry so know that whatever product we make will have a supplier code on it for traceability.

"I went into a supermarket and looked at staple foods like beans, pasta and bread and looked at the codes.

"It didn’t surprise me but essentially it’s all about how these brands market it to the consumer.

"The only thing I can do is make people more aware that buying branded is not always the best option and we need to be more conscious about the tricks supermarkets use!"

Gift Card Limit

It might seem extravagant to pay for your groceries on a gift card every month – but for mum-of-five Amber Horne, it's helped her massively cut down on her food bills.

In a viral TikTok clip, Amber revealed that she buys a gift card at check out every time she does a huge grocery shop, which is once a month.

And while this might make her shop more expensive, she explained why it saves her money in the long run.

"Each month when we go to the grocery store to do out major grocery shop we always purchase a gift card at check out," she said in the clip


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"We put about $150 (£105) on this gift card and it's to be used to replace any perishable items for the remainder of the month."

Amber explained that this amount will pay for things such as bread, dairy products and fresh fruit and vegetables, things that she will need to stock up on throughout the month.

"When we go back to the store to purchase [these], we only use the gift card. We don't spend from out of our bank accounts.

"This ensures that we're staying within our food budget and saves us a lot of money, hopefully it will help you as well," she said.

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