This Cute and Cozy Hoodie Comes with a Built-In Face Covering in Case You Forget Your Mask at Home

The coronavirus pandemic has made face masks a 2020 necessity, but it’s understandable if you still accidentally forget your mask when rushing out the door every once in a while. To help you stay protected in the off-chance that you leave your home without your mask, Walmart released the Scoop Hoodie With Built-In Face Covering. 

Made of super soft fleece, the cozy and cute sweatshirt isn’t just appropriate because we’re all living in our loungewear. The $36 find also comes with a built-in face covering so you can shield your nose and mouth in a pinch if you happen to find yourself without a mask in public. It also comes with a hood, in case you forget your hat, and a roomy kangaroo pouch front pocket, in case you forget your purse. 

Buy It! Scoop Hoodie with Built-In Face Covering, $36;

While the best way to protect yourself from the spread of the coronavirus is by wearing a proper face mask in public, Dr. David L Katz notes that something like this face covering is likely “better than nothing, [but] probably not as good as masks designed to 'medical' specifications.”

“On the one hand, any physical barrier that captures some of the moisture in expired air will help cut down the transmission of viral particles that ride the droplets and vapor comprising that moisture,” says Dr. Katz.  “On the other hand, this particular garment has — of course — not been studied with regard to COVID transmission.”

Grab stylish, soft, and affordable Scoop Hoodie, available in sizes XS to XXXL, for your loungewear collection now. While it shouldn’t be worn in place of an available face mask, it’s a viable option when you find yourself with no other choice. Bonus: The built-in face covering is a great way to keep your neck and chin warm on chillier winter days. 

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