The fashionable home trend hack which could prove fatal for your child, according to a pediatrician

A PEDIATRICIAN has slammed the fashionable home trend hack going viral on TikTok as it could prove fatal for kids.

On CleanTok, the community of people who love to share home hacks, many women have been storing their laundry detergent and fabric softeners in decorative jars.

As a response to the recent trend, Dr Nicole Baldwin watched as another TikToker poured fabric softener into what looked like a milk jug.

She asked: "Wait, why are we pouring fabric softener into something that looks like a drink container? And now we are doing it with a fun, blue laundry detergent…oh my goodness."

Dr. Baldwin then shared her warning to parents of small children specifically.

"If you have children, please please please do not do this," she begged.

Dr. Baldwin then comment on the trend of pouring laundry scent boaster beads out: "Oh goodness, and now these little things that look like candy and we're pouring into a non-locked container.

"If you have children, please don't this. This is how children are accidentally poisoned because these things look so pretty and cool, and I get it, it's beautiful – it's very aesthetically pleasing. But dangerous!

"If you are a parent, please don't do this!"

Many TikTok doctors took the comment section to agree with Dr. Baldwin and even some moms claimed they would stop doing it.

One mom said: "I do this and I'm so thankful you put this in perspective for me. My child can't climb yet, but still, I won't be doing this anymore."

A second one suggested that if parents really wanted to be part of this aesthetically pleasing trend, they keep the containers out of reach from their kids and lock them up.

And a third one added about the trend: "That really does look like milk, wow."

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