The Astrologer sex position is the Frisky Friday move for couples to try and it’ll leave you seeing stars

IT'S been a tough few days for people who religiously read up on their horoscopes.

Earlier this week, it was revealed there's actually 13 star signs – not 12 – and it's caused a whole lot of heartbreak for some.

That said, if you're looking to blow off some step this weekend then you might just want to give The Astrologer sex position a go.

To pull off this steamy move, start by kneeling at the corner of the bed – while your partner has one foot on the floor.

With your back to him, have your guy grab your right leg and then raise your foot up to your hip.

While you're keeping hold of his neck for support, he'll passionately grab you at the waist as you rock back and forth together.

And if that wasn't enough, Kerry King has revealed what sex positions best match your star sign.

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