The 10 ‘worst’ baby names have been announced and it’s upset lots of mums – is your little one’s name on the list?

PICKING a name for your baby is one of the first decisions you'll ever make as a parent – and let's be honest, it's arguably one of the most important.

Although you obviously don't want your kid to have the same name as five other students in their class at school, opting for something a bit too "out there" is going to bring up a whole host of issues too.

So with that in mind, Mumsnet users have shared their top 10 "worst" baby names – and the results have seriously upset some parents.

Back in 2019, one parent asked the forum: "What would you never name a child and why?"

Kicking off the conversation, she wrote: "I would never name a child Mia [because it also means] 'missing in action'.

"Or Cameron – what if she marries a guy called Cameron and then she is called Cameron Cameron?"

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What's more, the mum also took issue with the name Claudia because it translates as "one who is lame" in Latin.

Sharing their least favourite moniker, another user said they'd never dream of calling their daughter Lana because of what it spells backwards.

"Fanny," a third commented. "For obvious reasons."

Expressing her dislike for the name Flora, a fourth said: "It makes me think of bacteria."

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Thanks to the popularity of a certain Amazon device, others were quick to rule out Alexa for any future kids.

And even though Luna was one of the most popular baby names of 2020, one mum said she'd never use it herself.

"It's a pet name," she asserted.

Meanwhile, another hated the name Mercedes for girls and joked: "She's a child, not a car!"

Mumsnet’s Top 10 ‘Worst’ Baby Names:

  • Mia – "it means missing in action"
  • Cameron – because it's also a surname
  • Claudia – means "lame" in Latin
  • Fanny – rude double meaning
  • Lana – of what it spells backwards
  • Alexa – due to Amazon connection
  • Flora – makes one mum 'think of bacteria'
  • Luna – claims it's 'a pet name'
  • Mercedes – 'sounds like a car'
  • Graham – sounds like 'grey ham'

And as for boys, one mum expressed her dislike for Graham and insisted it sounds like you're saying "grey ham".

Needless to say, the shortlist of "hated" names caused a fair amount of upset in the group.

Firing back at the mum who hated Cameron, one replied: "You could meet someone with pretty much any surname and have it clash with your first name."

Another added: "A name is what someone has been given.

"I try to be considerate of everyone's feelings about what they've been named and not say negative things about it as I will never know who I offend!"

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Meanwhile, a third wrote: "I hope that the dislike of certain names does not extend to the person carrying the name.

"And I also hope that you all come down like a ton of bricks on your children if they start to make fun of mates carrying 'disgusting loathsome' names."

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