Tavia Bonetti's Friends With Animals Is Inspired by the Outdoors and, Of Course, Her Friends


Meet Tavia Bonetti. She’s a laidback, Vancouver-born, LA-based model who also happens to have her own clothing line called Friends With Animals. Tavia started the brand back in 2019 and has been putting out small drops for each of her collections. Chances are you’ve probably already seen her clothes all over Instagram on her friends such as artist Deb Never and the Brockhampton crew. (Brockhampton member Matt Champion is actually her boyfriend and has starred in a few campaigns.) I’m not that surprised to learn that her friends often wear the clothes; after all, as the brand’s name implies, it is all about friendship. I spoke with Tavia to learn more about her latest collection, which was sold out on the first day, just like the last few drops.

“I feel like the main thing about my brand is right there in the name itself, and shooting my friends in my clothing is exactly what I want to do. I want to continue that throughout every collection. Take Deb [Never], for example. She just started making music over the past two years, and she’s been killing it. I feel we’re all in this place right now where we’ve started something together and we are just growing together. I remember four or five years ago, no one knew what they wanted to do and it’s so inspiring to see my friends now. Everyone has something they’re passionate about, and I love incorporating that into my work for people to see because it’s important. My boyfriend is in Brockhampton, so all those guys are good friends of mine and they’re all down to just have fun and create something,” Tavia told me.

Keep reading for more of our interview and take a look at the brand’s latest campaign imagery as well.

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