Tanning addict raves about Lidl fake tan as she shows her whopping stash – and it’s just £2.99 a bottle | The Sun

A DECENT bottle of fake tan can cost up to a staggering £40.

But one woman claims to have found one that rivals its designer competitors, and it costs just £2.99 a bottle.

Beauty fan Megan took to TikTok to rave about the Marbella Glow tan – which she gets from Lidl.

Now that she lives in Dubai, Megan's mum stocks up on the tan for her ahead of visiting, and it means that she's built up something of a stash.

"It's from Lidl, it is the best ever," she said, in response to someone asking her which tan she uses.

"I used to use it in the Ultra Dark as well but obviously everywhere stopped doing it.

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"I've been using this for like a year and I remember a few of my friends were using it last summer and I was like 'that tan is lovely, what's that?'

"They were like 'oh it's from Lidl' and I was like 'oh wow, Lidl tan I could never use that'."

But one day when she was in there, she thought she'd just grab a bottle to give it a try, and quickly became "obsessed".

"This tan is the best… it is so nice, it washes off lovely," she gushed.

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"I actually put it on last night but I only put on a really light layer so it doesn't look that dark.

"It is stunning."

In the video, she opened some of her mum's packages to show how many of the bottles she had – with six on show and another two in her bathroom.

"If you try anything, let it be the Lidl tan," she said.

"There you have it, head to Lidl!"

"Nooooo please I was gatekeeping this," one person berated her in the comments section of the video.

To which Megan replied: "I’ve gate kept for a year.

"Please keep just 5 on the shelf for me!"

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"I use it as well it’s absolutely fab," another added.

While a third wrote: "It’s brill I love it."

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