‘Tacky’ wedding guest shamed for turning down invite to her own niece’s big day – because she didn’t have a plus one

A "TACKY" wedding guest has been slammed for turning down an invite to her own niece's best day – because she didn't get a plus one.

With coronavirus restrictions, lots of brides and grooms-to-be are having to tighten up their guest lists.

But one aunt didn't take the news her boyfriend didn't make the cut at all well – and is now refusing to come to the wedding.

The angry aunt has written all over the invite, calling the move: "MOST RUDE! AND HURTFUL! FAMILY SHOULDN'T SEPERATE FAMILY!" with lots of words underlined.

Ticking the 'declines' box, she added: "YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE SENT ONE AT ALL!"

The bride posted the wedding reply on Reddit, captioned: "All because I didn't put her boyfriends name on the invite".

In the pic, Aunt Edith appears to have added her boyfriend's name, Uncle Danny, to the invite.

And the aunt has been slated for the reaction, with people commenting: "What a drama queen".

One person said: "My condolences to Danny, she sounds exhausting lol".

While a second wrote: "Petty and not worth your time or energy during your wedding."

And another commented: "Wow, Aunt Edith is a piece of work! Hopefully it’s something you can laugh about, because this is the gift of an incredible story for the rest of your marriage."

The post was also shared on the Wedding Shaming Reddit page, where one poster said: "Aunty Edith has some issues. Tacky".

Others felt the backlash was a blessing in disguise. "Well at least she cleared space for one new guest now!" one wrote.

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