Students post cheeky note through neighbours’ door after getting bored of ‘hearing them doing it’ every night

NOISY neighbours can be very stressful, particularly when all that crashing and banging isn't caused by moving furniture.

One group of students were sick of being constantly disturbed by the amorous activities of their upstairs neighbours so decided to take a stand.

The group printed out a sassy note and slid it under their door before darting down the stairs to avoid a confrontation.

The piece of A4 paper had the message "we can hear someone in your flat f****** at night" printed on it.

They uploaded a video of them delivering the cheeky note to TikTok where it has now been viewed more than 1.4million times.

In the short clip a woman can be seen sliding the note under the door, ringing the doorbell and then dashing like mad down the stairs.

Fellow TikTokers were quick to comment on the note.

One said: “They pay for their space just like you do yours, I always find I mind my own business with headphones in anyways.”

Another said: "Why do you care so much? Do you think leaving a petty note is going to keep them from f******?”

While a third said: "And? Let them enjoy themselves."


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