Stacey Solomon's best thrifty Christmas tips including how she cuts the cost of EVERY present she buys

WE have well over a month left until Christmas – and Stacey Solomon can barely contain her excitement.

The mum-of-three has already cracked out her festive decorations, bought her family some matching Christmas PJs and started making handmade gifts for her loved ones.

But that's not all – the crafty mum has also partnered with Amazon Handmade to edit her own range of personalised gifts made by small businesses this festive season.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, Stacey shared her top money-saving tips for Christmas and why she loves nothing more than a personalised present.

Describing how she's not planning on a "massive Christmas" this year, Stacey revealed how she cuts the cost of every present she buys for partner Joe Swash and the kids.

She said: "If you see something your partner or kids really want then keep shopping around for alternatives.

"Often there are cheaper versions of things and they’re just as good quality.

"There’s certain aftershaves Joe will ask for and there’s companies that make similar scents for half the price!

"With Leighton [son], he might say he wants a black tracksuit and he’ll show me a Nike one but he doesn’t really know what Nike means. So I’ll get him a cheaper one in Primark!"

However, the star admitted this is harder to do with 12-year-old Zachary who is more concerned with brands.

Explaining how this forces her to shop around for the best price, Stacey added: "I can buy him cheaper trainers – they’re everywhere! – but he wants the trainer for the name."

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What's more, Stacey also saves money by making her own gifts and decorations where she can.

She said: " I make my own crackers every year – I did it last year and the year before.

"One, it’s an activity I really enjoy and two, I find crackers the biggest load of rubbish ever.

"Even when you pay for the posh ones, it costs £30 for a packet and you just get a silver thimble instead of a plastic one. Who needs it? Who wants it?

"Whereas you buy some that are made out of recycled material and it comes with everything – the snapper, the joke and the hat.

"And then you can fill it with whatever you want. So if the boys’ favourite chocolate was a Dairy Milk, I’d put one in there and maybe a little mini Lego figure."

This Christmas, Stacey has already purchased some matching PJs for the family from Amazon Handmade and plans on giving presents she's made to her loved ones.

Last month, the star made a personalised tealight holder jar for her friend's Christmas present.

She added: "I’m gonna give loads of handmade gifts this year. Like little foodie bits and treat jars and stuff for presents.

"I feel like there’s so much you can make that you can buy in the shops and it’s so much cheaper to do it yourself.

"Amazon has a make-your-own bauble kit which I absolutely love and I think that’ll be a fun thing to do with the boys so they’ll go on the tree as well.

"And I want to make some little elf baubles for the tree so I thought maybe I could make it out of pine cones and give them little hats!"

Chatting through her favourite pieces in her collection, Stacey said: "There’s a cup that’s like a gnome. They’re called gonks in real life.

"I’m obsessed with it. It’s like a camping cup as well. So it’s great for the camper van but also just great for my happiness!

"And then there’s these pillows I worked with a designer on and they’re the softest prettiest things.

"One of them is in a colour I call 'Susan Green' because I have a bedding set this one lady called Susan really hates and she moans at me every time I put it on my bed. And so I’ve got a pillow made to match it and it says ‘have a day off Susan’ and I love it.

"I know that when I’m working with Amazon Handmade that I’m supporting local artists and small businesses who really need it. Especially at the moment in the current climate."

Unsurprisingly, Christmas in the Solomon-Swash household is already shaping up to be quite different this year -but Joe will still be in charge of lunch.

She added: "It’s just gonna be me, Joe and the boys. Usually, our parents come and our sisters and brothers or we go to each other’s places.

"Truthfully Joe does most of the cooking on Christmas Day. He loves making a roast. It’s his signature meal.

"I’ll be doing all the silly funny stuff. The stockings, the games and getting all their toys out. I’m the one who builds the Lego!"

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