So There's a New "Ugly" Dad Sneaker Taking Over Hollywood

Supermodels do more than just wear the latest trends on the runway; when they're off-duty, they also play a huge part in starting the actual trends — aka those cool, of-the-moment fashion staples that gain a massive following often take off for the simple fact that a model, like Bella Hadid, Irina Shayk, or Elsa Hosk, wore them while grocery shopping.

Recently, we've seen some new, and might we say unexpected shoes make their way into the footwear lineup of 2021's top supermodels, like this Ugg slipper that's selling out everywhere and has a fan base that includes Gigi Hadid, Candice Swanepoel, and Hosk. Does the classic Ugg Coquette have a fierce competitor? We think so. But you know who else has some major competition? Reeboks! New Balances! Adidas! And that's because there's a new sneaker that's cropped up that combines fashion and function, and Bella Hadid is leading the charge in its inevitable takeover of Hollywood.

Hadid has been spotted on numerous occasions wearing buzzy hiking sneakers from Salomon. It's a more rugged, chunkier, outdoor-inspired trainer than what we're used to seeing on her. In fact, some might place it into the "ugly" shoe category because, well, it kinda, sorta looks like the sneakers your dad wore on the family hiking trip. But as Hadid demonstrates, these hiking kicks are in the midst of a major rebranding, meaning, they're not just for hiking the trails anymore, and they're no longer just your dad's outdoor shoes.

The supermodel styled her Salomon sneakers — of which she owns at least two different styles — with everything, like leggings and halter tops, jeans and cutout tops, and a shirtdress with no pants. Basically, these trail sneakers aren't just made to be worn with your hiking pants, as Hadid makes very clear.

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If you're not familiar with Salomons yet, here's the rundown: The brand creates really good outdoor essentials, especially sneakers, that are ideal from train commute to trails. Most of the styles have a rugged look to them, like the classic chunky, treaded sole, that's then fused with more of-the-moment twists, like cool pops of color and eye-catching laces.

As is evident by the low stock at Nordstrom, these sneakers are selling like hot cakes — and the supermodel probably has something to do about it. But if you're not able to snag a pair of Salomons, Merrell and Keen have similar hiking trainers available that would certainly earn Hadid's stamp of approval. 

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Our opinion? We love these sneakers. Hollywood is known to wear some questionable fashion pieces, and while these might not be the first shoes you think of when you hear "everyday kicks," the sneakers have the look and the durability to get you through whatever the day throws your way — rain, snow, a delayed train, or a text from an ex. 

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