Shoppers Begged an Internet-Famous Brand to Make This Exact Bra, and It's Finally Here

A pink bra? I know, it's not usually my first choice either. Whenever I go bra shopping, I tend to gravitate toward neutrals: you know, like beige, white, and black, colors that work with my neutral-leaning wardrobe. But a pink bra is what thousands of customers requested from Internet-famous bra brand, Cuup, and now I'm itching to ditch my neutrals for this buzzy hot-pink one, too.

If you've scrolled through Instagram and spotted a sheer underwire bra at one point or another, it's most likely a Cuup. In fact, the undergarment label, changing the bra game one sexy (but incredibly comfy!) bra at a time, is near world domination. In 2020, the brand sold more than 350,000 bras. This year, it's averaging 1,000-plus bra sales a day, which means the brand is on track to sell more than 365,000 in a single calendar year. That's a lot of bras.

Cuup always had its core collection of gorgeous neutrals, like black, brown, taupe, and white, but it seems people were craving some color. According to the brand, pink has been the most requested color of all, and as luck would have it, what people want, they get. At least that's how Cuup does it. 

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Dahlia, the newest hot-pink color addition to Cuup's range, is as pretty as it sounds. That said, the brand didn't want to release just any ol' pink; instead, it wanted to unveil a bold colorway that "reclaims what pink means for women and femmes," according to the press release. "Not reserved for one type of woman or buried under outdated gender stereotypes, with Dahlia, Cuup has dialled up the pigment to toss out the tropes, and to remix Pink to match today's modern spirit," the release adds.

It's a good, powerful color to match a good, empowering bra. If you've never tried Cuup before, heed the advice of thousands of shoppers who say its various bras, from the Plunge to the Scoop, are the perfect combo of sexy and cute. The sturdy mesh upper from which the majority of styles are made is breathable but oh-so-pretty, while the underwire lining is made from a flexible, ultra-thin wire that supports without pain or digging. They also have adjustable straps (a must) and deep necklines for easy wearing under all tops. Bonus: This pink is meant to be seen, so if you want to pull a bra-as-top move, we fully support that.

"Great bra! Love that it's see-through — perfect for layering pieces in the summer," wrote one reviewer about the Plunge. "Great quality: straps are sturdy, bra fits to my boobs and doesn't poke out when I bend over, true to size."

The winning review, though? "It makes me feel special." And really, that's exactly how any piece of clothing, be it a bra or a dress, should make you feel.

Shop now: $68;

hop now: $68;

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